We Foster Education

We believe in taking an educative approach to veterinary medicine. This extends to our clients and our community, alike. We want to educate pet-owners to ensure pet wellness and to ensure that their beloved pets receive the most thorough and advanced care possible. We educate our community in a number of different ways, as well. In particular, it is our practice to welcome high-school and college students who are studying veterinary medicine into our clinic so that they may observe, fulfill internship requirements, and gain invaluable experience working in the field.

We Pursue Excellence

Given the love and joy experienced in pet ownership, along with many additional known benefits, we feel obligated to be the very best we can be, in hopes of preserving and expanding the joy and the love pets and their owners share. This becomes evident in the level of care our entire staff goes to great lengths to provide each pet we see. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and to offer best-in-class service at affordable prices. Our drive to be excellent isn’t about ego or profit, it is purely out of respect for how much you love your pets, and how much we love them, too.

We Practice Honesty

The most harrowing thing for a pet owner is a sick pet. Sick pets are very limited in their ability to communicate with their human loved ones. We are very empathetic of what it means to leave a loved one behind that cannot tell you how things went after a surgery, treatment or otherwise. That said, the doctors and staff at Windsor Park Vet Clinic are very mindful of this, and in part, it speaks to our goal of educating each client about their pet’s health and wellness. Beyond that, we aim to be as transparent and as thorough as possible with our diagnoses of pet ailments and sickness. And furthermore, we plan to deliver exactly the care that is needed and that we promised.

We Create Fun

Our receptionists, technicians, practice management & DVMs all enjoy working together and cultivate a spirited and positive environment. Our approach focuses on creating fun, safe and gentle experiences for pets and their families as we know this promotes healthiness and healing. And while we see our fair share of sick patients, remembering to enjoy a lighthearted moment during the day, and to bring levity where appropriate, can often be enough to brighten the day of a suffering patient and uplift pet moms and dads one-in-the-same. We’ve seen plenty of cases turn for the better at the sign of some positive vibes and good fun surging through the clinic.

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